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S T Cargo Services, provides strategic and tactical advisory services to clients engaged in preemptive and existing trouble-shooting. Consulting of this short necessarily encompasses a broad range of issues and situations; from faculty and equipment requirements to proper establishment of terms-of trade; from cost/benefit analysis to contractual issues; from preliminary market penetration to foreign domain conflict resolution.

The importer’s responsibility has never been greater with both Indian customers and Port customs authorities shifting to the “self-compliance principle” that holds importers accountable to comply with a maze of government regulation. Let S T Cargo Services, consultants untangle the maze and assist with your self compliances efforts.
  • Compliance audit
  • Individual Customer Profile Reports
  • Claims and / or refunds
  • Inventory management
  • Tariff analysis
  • Used Machinery compliance
  • Valuations
  • Duty / tax recovery
  • Compliance consultation