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Fiscal & Financial Services India

Where necessary, we can provide full fiscal representation, market intelligence, as well as actually assisting in product purchase and sales, including all documentation. Such support services enable you to move your cargoes direct from origin through to final destination, with total peace of mind.

    • Textile EU Quota Certificate
    • Quota,
    • Invoice,
    • Packing List,
    • Original of Certificate ambassador Certificate etc,
    • SGS,
    • ITS,
    • L/C , D/P & T/T ,
    • Declaration customs,
    • Inspection,
    • Quarantine,
    • Fumigation,
    • Warehouse,
    • PHO Clearance,
    • ADC Clearance ,
    • Insurance .
Make the most of your money…
S T Cargo Services, offers a wide range of options for getting the best value for your efforts in given markets. Through examination of both existing expenditures against utilities received and options available, stream-lining opportunities are often discovered. We can help you to significantly reduce your cost of funds, resulting in higher efficiency, less waste, and recovery of otherwise foregone opportunities.